Create a Gang

Create your own gang! Only one new gang will be available for purchase each day, and donation price DOUBLES each day, so act fast!

You will be emailed shortly by a Wild Green Future board member for information about your gang. Your gang and sticker design will be online within 24 hours of your reply. This purchase also includes a 2” x 2” weatherproof vinyl sticker of your gang, which will ship by May 2022. 

All proceeds support this year’s partners (Palouse Land Trust, Urban Rivers, and Current Problems) and additional Wild Green Future initiatives. 

Gang guidelines:

Must be related to nature, and can be as general or specific as you'd like.

No gangs that reference people, current events, or politics.

No gangs about specific, named animals (e.g. Walnut the crane). 

Gang names must be G-rated, or at most a soft PG.

Keep it light and happy! (e.g. no climate change or invasive species gang).

No gang names involving copyrighted material.

No flags.

Only one gang submission per member.

Mods make all sticker designs.

Mods make the final call about if a gang is appropriate for the Wild Green Memes community.

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